International Open House Success

Success: MBO Group Hosts International Open House In Oppenweiler, Germany

Oppenweiler, Germany – October 21‐26, 2013 ‐ Under the slogan, „Fit for the Future“, the MBO Group International Open House Event attracted approximately 500 visitors from all over Europe, Asia, and America. New solutions in conventional folding systems, digital web finishing, and specialty applications were all on display for guests to see and test for themselves.

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M80 and M60 – Rethink Folding
The revolutionary M80 Flexible Folding System was first unveiled in May 2013 at China Print with a crossfold + threefold configuration. At the Open House, MBO revealed two new modules, the FW80‐2 and FW60‐3 buckle folding units, for a whole new configuration. In addition to this, the M80 systems on display had different infeed modules and were equipped with automation for faster make‐ready times.
The M80’s little brother, M60, made its world debut at the Open House event with a Combi‐fold configuration and a pile feeder. Like the M80, the M60 can be modified with a number of different modules even after initial purchase.
Specialty Solutions from Herzog + Heymann
Herzog + Heymann demonstrated two new solutions at the Open House. The first was a high grammage pamphlet with a plastic insert. Typically, folding this sort of product would result in cracks or breaks in the paper fiber, but the high‐quality systems from Herzog + Heymann have solved this common problem. The second solution was an inline die‐cut + miniature folding system that produced a tabbed 40‐page outsert booklet for pharmaceutical labels. The ability to cut and process such a product in one line is unprecedented.
MBO Digital: Inline & Offline
In the digital solutions department, MBO Digital has a new 20“ solution with an integrated Smartbinder from Ibis. Because of the seemless combination of variable cutting, selective folding, and variable book binding technologies, this line can produce booklets with different page numbers and variable signatures with 100% accuracy. This 3‐stage variable solution (variable sheet length, variable signature, variable booklet) is possible thanks to the new generation MBO Digital control system.

New Business Segment: MBO Consulting
The main emphasis from the conference presentations was that of the new MBO Consulting Group. This new offering from MBO was very enthusiastically received by those in attendance. Under this new sector, MBO business and folding experts will be available to meet with customers and help them achieve faster throughput, higher net output, better fold quality, and increase their profit earning potential through comprehensive analysis of their specific work environment.

The detailed reports provided by MBO consultants will help customers gain a better understanding of their business in order to reach untapped market potential – a concept which resonated well with all audiences. As a result of some trial consultations, several businesses were already able to expand into new markets and increase their client base.

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