ASP 66 & 82 Shingle Deliveries


The ASP models are mobile and height-adjustable shingle stream deliveries with an integrated pressing station and integrated batch offsetting feature making them ideal for small to medium circulations. Due to the low marking risk this delivery is well suited for sensitive and freshly printed products. MBO ASP deliveries are easy to handle, easy to configure in any folding arrangement and height adjustable. These features make them perfect for frequent production line changeovers  or for the application with fully automatic folding machines where the position of the delivery is often changed.


  • Integrated pressing station for removal of air and flatter result
  • Standard 2-up capability
  • Offsetting feature also known as a marking device for identifying batches
  • Continuous shingle stream delivery for trouble-free production
  • Large holding capacity by separate drives
  • Spreading belts at infeed for multiple-up streams
  • Adjustable “waterfall” height between pressing unit and shingle belts
  • Integral light barrier and counter

Optional Features:

  • Upgrade for 3-up production
  • ASP 82-2ME wide machine for 4-up production
  • Automatic retaining rolls
  • Optional length extension with “L” version allows more dwell time on higher speed machines

Technical Specifications

ASP Shingle Delivery with Offsetting Feature