DFT560 Digital Folder (22")


The DFT 560 Digital Folder is an inline folding machine designed to further process jobs after the sheeter. Because it is an inline machine it does not require a feeder system and is capable of very high speed output, making it ideal for 20 inch web-finishing systems running at high speeds. It can be made as a manual or automated machine depending upon the application.

Standard Features:

  • For use inline with presses or as part of an offline/near-line web finishing solution
  • 6 fold plate configurations are available to better meet the needs of a printer
  • Vacuum belt alignment along the register table ensures maximum control of the product, even at high speeds
  • MBO spiral fold rollers provide grip and durability
  • Robust components capable of withstanding a 24/7 commercial print environment
  • Fast make ready and high speed output make this folder ideal for high-speed letterfolding and signature folding

Optional Features:

  • Slitter Shaft Cassette for quick adjustments to the slitter shaft without having to remove any fold plates
  • Automated fold plates and fold rollers

Technical Specifications