DPS 60 Dynamic Perf and Score Unit


The MBO DPS 60 Dynamic Perforating and Scoring unit is a modular unit that applies dynamic or static, perf or score patterns, inline or across a web. Along with common applications such as buck slip tear offs, return slips, coupons, bang tails and T-perfs, the DPS 60 can be used in conjunction with MBO buckle folders and plow tables for scoring, signature folding, direct mail and specialty applications. Because of its modular design and small footprint, it can be used in nearly any in-line or near-line finishing system, or added to an existing Web Press. Tooling choices together with either a hard anvil or a soft anvil on each cross cassette position, create options for a wide range of applications.

Standard Features: 

  • Full Width Cylinders with flexible tooling
  • Soft Anvil or Hard Anvil processing for expanded functionality
  • Push button anvil material selection for fast makeready
  • On the run register adjustments for maximum productivity
  • Perforation Blades, Scoring Blades and In-line Perf
  • Wheels are easily changed and do not require specialized tooling
  • Perforation patterns easily entered and stored via color touch screen for fast make-ready
  • Perforating and Scoring functions are servo operated which ensures dynamic accuracy
  • Easily scalable for future business growth
  • High speed for maximum throughput
  • Soft anvil tooling extends blade life to reduce tooling costs
  • Minimal operator setup
  • Stores large families of patterns for recall at later date or repeat jobs
  • Registration accuracy allows scoring lines for cross folding on heavy stock

Optional Features:

  • Add on modules for additional cross  or linear blade positions
  • Inline with printing presses as a retrofit or original application
  • Retrofit to existing finishing lines

Technical Specifications

General Layout