DPS 60 Dynamic Perf and Score Unit


The MBO DPS-60 Dynamic Perf applies dynamic or static pattern perfs or scores, inline or across the web. It can be integrated to any finishing system or web press. Along with common direct mail convergence applications such as buck slips, tear offs, return slips, coupons, bang tails and T-perfs, the DPS-60 can be used in conjunction with MBO buckle folders for scoring, signature folding, self-mail and specialty applications. The servo driven, free
standing modular design has a small footprint, making it easy to integrate. The soft anvil design allows for tooling to be mounted from the top or the bottom making it flexible for downstream folding. For very complex applications, additional modules can be added to the base units.

Standard Features and Benefits: 

  • Full width cylinders with flexible tooling
  • Soft Anvils for expanded scoring functionality and long tooling life
  • Scoring from TOP or BOTTOM
  • On the run register adjustments for maximum productivity
  • Easy to change tooling
  • Perforation patterns easily entered and stored via color touch screen for fast make-ready
  • Stores large families of patterns for recall at later date or repeat jobs
  • Easily scalable for future business growth
  • High speed for maximum throughput
  • Registration accuracy allows scoring lines for cross folding on heavy stock
  • Can be configured inline with presses or inline with finishing systems