gamma 502 stacker/bander


With the gamma automatic delivery, you can rely on higher productivity at lower personnel costs. Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective disposal to finishing machines. The gamma is a mobile delivery with a small footprint that can be easily used with folding machines, saddle stitchers, gathering machines, and digital finishing lines.

The stacker can paper band the bundles to keep them from falling over or not as needed based on the layout and size of the product.

The gamma has been designed for small spaces and quick job changes.  The products are transferred from the upstream machine, pressed, counted, measured, stacked, banded if needed, and laid out on a buffer table in running direction. The gamma can lay out up to 600 bundles/h per stream (total up to 1,200 bundles/h).

Standard Features:

  • Pressing station
  • Automatic format control and discharge of missing sheet
  • Side jogging operated from the outside
  • Automatic setup in running direction
  • Banding (can be switched on and off)
  • Jogging device
  • Counter
  • Mobile frame with locking wheels
  • Foldable delivery table


  • Small format device to reduce the minimum format to (infeed width) 105 mm/4.13 ” x (infeed length) 75 mm/2.95 ”
  • Blow air device for better processing of products that “unlock”
  • Transport of stacks on conveyor belts and roller carpet instead of buffer table top – to minimize slippage of non-banded stacks
  • Antistatic device for better processing of products with a tendency to static charging

Technical Specifications

Technical Data