K80 Combi Buckle/Knife Folding Machine


The MBO K80 combi folding machine sets a standard for investment into a folding machine that has high productivity and reasonable investment.  It has a maximum running speed of up to 230 m/min (9,055 ipm), and offers a comprehensive range of standard equipment and multiple automation options.  A common 25″ x 38″ USA sheet would fold up to 13,930 sph!  This represents a substantial increase in production output over nearly any vintage folding machine in use today.  It is ideal for high-precision, high-performance production of signatures, flyers and other general commercial products in industrial print environments.   The K80 offers extreme ease of operation.  Because of its 4 or 6 buckle plate parallel fold section and SKT and SKTL knife configurations, even complicated folding patterns can be produced with absolute precision.  The folder is available in pre-configured versions choosing between palletized or continuous feeders, as well as four or six buckle plates in the parallel unit.  To suit the production environment the machine can also be provided in a manual or automated control system.  It is common to consider replacing older folding machines with the right applications at a 2:1 ratio.  Investments in folding machine reduction impact labor, expenses, turn time, training and maintenance costs in a positive way.


  • Enhanced 230 m/m (9,055 ipm) folder running speed
  • Eliminates moving modules during makeready for shorter set up times
  • Small footprint to conserve building space while adding to productivity
  • Pallet style or continuous style feeding for customized application

Standard Features and Benefits:

  • MBO’s advanced M1 control system and graphic HMI for ease of use
  • Palletized feeder or continuous feeder for best fit to print environment and labor reduction plans
  • Vivas (Double-Vacubelt and Vacutable) for constant sheet pull and best registration
  • Ultrasonic double sheet control in the feeder/ alignment table for additional machine security
  • Anti-static lattice alignment table for consistent sheet control during registration
  • MBO’s exclusive, low maintenance, silent belt drive for low cost of operation and high quality
  • Virotec fold rollers for the ultimate paper grip at the lightest pressure possible
  • Slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold for fast makeready and kit style tooling changes
  • 4 or 6 NIRO style non-corroding buckle plates in the parallel fold unit, first fold
  • SKTL or SKTL knife fold configurations for customized performance

Optional Features and Benefits:

  • Pre-slitter shaft at entrance to parallel fold buckle plates for additional tooling like scores and perfs
  • Gatefold plate in the parallel unit for enhanced folding capability for two fold and three fold gates
  • DATAMANAGER 4.0 connection to the K80 series M1 controls for data gathering and machine preset data
  • M1 controls advanced automation of buckle plates, fold rollers, and knife unit components
  • Ultrasonic double sheet control for additional protection of misfeeds or doubles
  • Edge trim, center bleed trim, score tooling and perforation tooling
  • The K80 series can interface to many automated deliveries, and even robots, to allow the high running speeds without operator fatigue
  • MBO Combi-Plate II that combines the sheet stop with the deflector bar which eliminates the need to remove the plate at makeready

Technical Specifications

Floorplan for FP and R Feeder Styles

MBO K80 Combi Folder with A700 Automated Delivery