KL112.1 Miniature Folding unit


The KL112.1 is designed for small (miniature) products, specials and thin papers most commonly associated with the “PI” and insert/outsert market. The combination of 26 mm diameter folding rollers and up to 16 fold plates makes the KL112.1 capable of minimum fold lengths as low as 18 mm and large sheet sizes. The KL 112.1 is based in the modular concept and can be matched to glue units, knife fold units, various deliveries, pressing units, and more to make a versatile and customized machine.  It is furthermore capable of having either a pile feeder or a continuous feeder to match your most common run lengths and workflow.


  • Minimum 18mm fold length
  • 2-16 fold plates in the parallel unit
  • Working widths of 35, 45 and 52 cm
  • Modular, flexible, fast, rocust

Standard Features:

  • Minimum 2, maximum 16 fold plates
  • 20 mm diameter slitter shafts
  • 26 mm diameter fold rollers
  • Creasing, perforating, slitting
  • Simple, ergonomically located control panel

 Optional Features:

  • Mobile modification
  • Speed synchronization
  • Glue application systems
  • Gatefold plates
  • Noise reducing hoods
  • Pre-slitter shaft
  • Tooling including pharma-creasing,  centerbleed device, head or tail slitting, tear-off perforation
  • Various feeders, knife units, pressing stations and deliveries

Technical Specifications

Herzog+Heymann KL-Outsert Line // Split and Chase // Gluing on the fly