S 45 Miniature Folder

The S 45 from H+H is perfect for PI work and small inserts in the packaging, pharma, cosmetics and electronics markets. The business model for this folder is to offer a versatile folder with a common configuration that can be delivered in a very short timeframe allowing customers to jump into new work quickly.  The folder is made with 8 plates in the first unit and 4 plates in the second unit to cover most all the fold patterns of the PI and small insert market.  The use of 32 mm diameter folding rollers allows for fold lengths down to 25 mm, again covering most all of the market needs. The S 45 is based on a modular concept and can be scaled to include glue units, knife fold units, various deliveries, pressing units, and more making it a great platform with which to grow.  Maybe most important is that we are aggressively stocking full systems and parts for systems so we can ship orders quickly, allowing you to commit to increased production!


  • Sheet size max pile fed: 450 mm x 840 mm
  • Sheet size max pile continuous: 450 mm x 1000 mm
  • 8 fold plates in the parallel unit
  • 4 fold plates in the cross fold unit
  • Working width of 45 cm
  • Minimum Paper weight: 40 gsm
  • Folding length Min.: 25 mm
  • Speed max.: 200 mpm

Technical Specifications

S 45 Sales Sheet
H+H S 45 Overview Video