T 50 Buckle Folder

The  T 50 is MBO’s high quality folder for the B2 sheet size.  The focus on the machine is for fast makeready and high productivity for long and short runs alike.  It is available as an economical manual function machine, or as an automated machine including movement of all buckle plate settings and fold roller calipers with servo motors for lower  makeready times.  MBO’s quick change slitter shaft cassettes allow quick loading and quick adjustment of tooling such as perf wheels and scoring wheels; and even have pre-set tooling kits for repeat jobs.  The M1 control system uses a very easy Graphical HMI; just a few selections from the operator allows the machine to move all the servo driven elements to the right point.  We further took the main high productivity elements of our larger format machines and made them available for this B2 size folder.  Things like MBO’s high-speed cone guides and larger drive system give it a top end speed of 230 m/m matching our new core folding line speed.   This feature rich package makes the T 50 the ideal folding machine for customers with the highest requirements regarding quality, longevity, performance and user-friendliness.


  • Short makereadies due to an integrated automation package
  • Fast tooling setups using MBO’s slitter shaft cassette technology
  • Easy adjustments through MBO’s M1 controls platform, enhances operator capability for higher productivity
  • Small footprint even with many feeder, fold plate, and delivery choices
  • Reliability and elevated machine uptime thanks to long service life and durability
  • 230 m/m (9055 ipm) running speed for the highest in sheet folding productivity


  • Choice of Continuous or Pile feeder to match the application
  • Small sheet size capability, 10.5cm x 10.5cm (4.12″ x 4.12″), for pile fed version
  • MBO exclusive VIVAS vacuum infeed and side guide for enhanced sheet control and production speed
  • MBO exclusive high speed cone guide rail for folding unit II for higher transfer speeds and productivity
  • Anti-static lattice-type alignment table for consistent feeding
  • 4 or 6 plate folding configurations
  • MBO exclusive low maintenance and low noise belt drive
  • Fold rollers with MBO Virotec roller covering for optimum paper handling
  • Graphical automation interface through the M1 controls platform for fast makeready
  • Slitter shaft cassette in the main parallel unit for fast tooling setups
  • Scoring, perforating and cutting devices for common jobs
  • RAS (Remote Access Service) remote maintenance connection for M1 controls
  • Capable of interfacing to MBO M1 Datamanager 4.0 System


  • MBO exclusive VACUSTAR feeder head for enhanced feeder performance
  • Slitter shaft cassette for folding unit II
  • Noise-damping device for a more comfortable working environment and hearing safety
  • MBO WINPLATE gatefold plate for additional fold patterns
  • Glue devices added to the folding sections for specialty work
  • Double stream device for 2 up production and higher productivity
  • X-Knife folding unit, 53 cm size for positions II or III for additional fold patterns
  • Gatefold brushes for X-folding unit III for additional folding patterns
  • Gutter trim, edge trim, multiple perf, punch perf and other
    tooling to eliminate secondary operations

Technical Specifications

MBO T50 Half-sheet Folder running a half sheet at 17,000sph