MBO America Opens Minds, Opportunities for Inkjet Summit Attendees

Company executives presented renowned variable finishing solutions to leading direct mail and book manufacturers   

PHILADELPHIA – May 29, 2015 – MBO America continues education to the industry at large about its New MBO philosophy, which highlights the company’s progressive move into the digital finishing space, further spreading the awareness that MBO is “more than folders,” for which the company is renowned. This most recent initiative took place at the annual Inkjet Summit, held last month in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where MBO executives and customers shared in success stories of the most comprehensive range of digital and hybrid postpress equipment in the marketplace.

MBO America Director of Sales, Lance Martin, says: “We were very happy to see the pace that the inkjet industry is growing, and the amount of information available to attendees at this year’s Inkjet Summit. We’re very positive about how MBO will continue to get in front of the inkjet industry.”

The New MBO Lives On
The New MBO, introduced last year during MBO America’s 30th anniversary year, is the product of a decade of development and a highly precise acquisition strategy, and new state-of-the-art headquarters with demonstration center.

MBO America, strategically located in Marlton, NJ, broadly serves the Pharmaceutical, Commercial Finishing, Packaging, Die Cutting, and Digital Finishing sectors in the Americas. From intricate folds and die-cuts to niche packaging with special standards, MBO edges out the competition with next-generation achievements in direct to finish, speed, and flexibility.

At the Show
At the annual Inkjet Summit, MBO America executives presented more on its variable finishing lines to both direct mail and book focus groups. In one of these well-attended sessions was MBO America customer Nate Milliken, Epsilon, who chimed in to the crowd with his experience with MBO Technology: “To give you an idea about how thorough and forward-thinking MBO America is, MBO Director of Sales Lance Martin had worked with us personally on lines in the past, and we recently came to him with an idea about a special inline folding unit.

“Our first conversation about it took place on a Friday, they had a purchasing order completed that Monday, the machine was shipped that Tuesday, installed on Thursday, and we were running production the next day (Friday) completing 1.2 million self-mailers over the weekend mailing on Monday!”

Milliken says they had an unexpected setback in paper delivery and the fact that the production throughput increase allowed them to meet and actually beat the original completion date due to the newly installed score/plow fold unit. “Our paper supplier couldn’t deliver us stock fast enough! This is a truly high productivity machine,” he says.

Martin says that the interaction was completely unscripted, yet welcomed. “We hear these types of stories all of the time, but to have one of our very own customers in attendance to this event, and hear him tell his first-hand encounter of how hard we work to get our customers the most applicable technology, and how dedicated we are to get them up and running quickly; was really a great way to round out our session.”

Direct Mail Finishing Systems by MBO
MBO America’s Direct Mail Finishing Systems feature modules from MBO and partner company Bograma; and specialty finishing experts, Herzog + Heymann.  The modularity of these solutions allows for card affixing, tipping, plowfolding, gluing, die cutting, inkjet printing, and more.

The highly adaptable 091.1 Transport System features heat resistant vacuum belts which allows printers to mount hot-glue or dryer systems directly inline, and has “workload awareness,” to achieve optimum control and precision throughout the duration of transport (*especially important when plowfolding at high-speeds).

The popular Bograma die cutting solutions were designed for a wide range of paper stocks and die cutting requirements.  The speed and precision of the BSR 550 Servo Rotary Die Cutter makes it an ideal option for coupon books, pop-up mailers, contour cut pieces, and much more.

“More than Folders…”
MBO America has long been synonymous with high quality, reliable folders, but the company’s extensive R&D has resulted in a seamlessly successful expansion into the digital finishing space.

“Events such as the Inkjet Summit are truly eye-opening for most attendees because they have the chance to learn about solutions and opportunities that they may not have known were possible,” Martin says. “From a finishing standpoint, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for companies to do extensive research into all of the options available to them.

“Many companies do not realize that there are actually options out there into what finishing solutions you implement, especially when dealing with so-called ‘packaged’ lines that some global conglomerates dictate. We’ve had many customers come to us having been frustrated in such a situation, and when we show them what our technology can do and they are amazed! MBO is still the best option for producing folders, and now we are so much more.”

Visit MBO America Headquarters
To see a live demonstration of MBO solutions at its state-of-the-art facility contact your local MBO America Sales Representative and ask about scheduling a demo.

About MBO America
MBO America celebrates 30 years and over 10,000 US installations as the most comprehensive postpress finishing solution provider in the western hemisphere. MBO America develops a broad array of cutting edge, high-performance finishing solutions for conventional, digital, and hybrid print operations, and fulfills specialized needs upon request.

MBO and MBO America are internationally renowned for superior customer and technical support, as well as top-notch consultation services. In 2014, MBO America is adding a variety of customer engagement opportunities that will build on existing, successful activities such as its popular, quarterly training seminars.

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