MBO Announces New Product: M80 Modular Buckle Folding Machine

News Around the World: The MBO M80 Modular Folding Machine
Revolutionize the way you think about folding

At the opening of the most important trade show in Asia, the China Print, MBO will introduce the revolutionaryM80 Modular Folding Machine.

With its “modular design technology” the M80 from MBO can be reconfigured even after initial purchase. This gives customers the freedom to add or interchange components to meet whatever demands the market brings.

M80 – Be ready for whatever tomorrow demands!

As the world’s most adaptable folding machine, theM80 from MBO is the folding machine of the future – now. It adapts perfectly to the rapidly changing environment that makes the current market more exciting than it has ever been.

Buckle Folding Machine or Combi Folding Machine?

Thanks to the modular design technology of the M80 you have the flexibility to do either even after initial purchase. With this new folding machine from MBO you are well equipped for today’s needs and you have the ability to respond quickly to future market demands.

Exemplary configuration: Basic module M80 with KB80 + DB60

Exemplary configuration: Basic module M80 with KB80 + DB60

The M80’s rugged design can endure continuous use, just like its MBO predecessors – which is why it comes with the highest reliability and precision standards in its class. With an in feed width of 83 cm and production speed capability up to 230 m / min the M80 is truly an engineering marvel.

The new M1 machine control is very user friendly, due to its intuitivet ouch screen it can easily be operated by “anyone”.


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