Project work as part of the “bike & work” workshop
MBO Postpress Solutions participated in the “bike & work” project together with nine other companies from the Rems-Murr area. The project is an initiative of the regional council and this is now the fifth time the event has taken place. The aim is to make the region’s employers more bicycle-friendly, so that routes less than five kilometers in length can be travelled by bike, rather than by car. The project will last for ten months.

During this period, activities will include an on-site visit to the companies taking part. As part of this visit, the project team will examine which bicycle-friendly measures have already been implemented and what can be improved. Employees are also given the opportunity to become involved by sharing their ideas in an online survey. All participating companies meet at regular intervals and exchange their experiences and the details of their projects. Each company decides for itself whether and to what extent it wants to implement the proposals that have emerged from the visit and the survey.

MBO entrusts apprentices with complex project tasks
MBO has decided to place the project task in the hands of its current 15 apprentices. The company has been offering its employees the option of renting bikes to travel to work since 2019. However, there is currently a lack of suitable storage and charging facilities for the e-bikes. The task set for the apprentices was to develop a bicycle charging station.

The trainee product designers developed two possible design concepts. Both concepts provide a covered, modular storage facility for six bicycles each. When designing the parking unit, the apprentices took into account various standards including stipulations such as ensuring that the bicycles are protected against being scratched and from rolling out and that standard tyre sizes can be accommodated. In addition, lockers are provided that offer sufficient space for a bicycle helmet, drinking bottle and charger. The compartments incorporate a socket for charging the bicycles. They are secured with an electric lock and equipped with ventilation slots. Three LED lights are installed on the ceiling, which are coupled to a motion detector. There are four photovoltaic modules on the roof.

This is where the apprentice MBO electrical engineers come into play. They analyzed a detailed operating concept for charging the bicycles as well as for supplying power to the LED lights. Their designs were based on an assumed primary usage time of 7 am to 4 pm. The bicycle stand with the photovoltaic modules on it is optimized in terms of its orientation for the primary usage time. The built-in control optimizes the operational management to ensure the ideal distribution of the available energy.

Speedy project implementation this year
The project is already in the implementation phase and is expected to be completed by the summer. The next step is therefore in the hands of apprentices in the technical product design area. They are tasked with finalizing the design based on the conceptual plans, taking into account the statics and various production processes, before the project can be handed over to the business administration apprentices for parts procurement.

At the Oppenweiler site, MBO is currently training 15 apprentices in six different professions. It is very important that young people are trained across disciplines, network with each other and learn to organize themselves independently. With that in mind, the next project task is already awaiting them following the successful implementation of the bicycle charging station.

Certificate presentation ceremony for successful participation in the “bike & work” workshop
Whereas development work on the bicycle charging station continues at MBO, the “bike & work” workshop from the regional council has now officially come to an end. The certificate presentation ceremony was held on 18 March 2021. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, the large event planned did not go ahead, however separate presentation events were carried out by each of the participating companies. MBO would like to thank the organizers of the workshop. The company has learned a lot in recent months and is particularly proud of the work carried out by its apprentices.

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