Komori and MBO Postpress Solutions Intensify Collaboration

MBO has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Komori Corporation since may 1st 2020. The acquisition expanded Komori’s portfolio into the folding segment, making a comprehensive suite of post-press products and solutions available for existing and new customers. Utilizing the unique expertise of both entities, Komori and MBO are now introducing new initiatives as a direct result of the acquisition. 
Increased Visibility 
MBO Postpress Solutions is an internationally appreciated folding specialist with a comprehensive machine and service portfolio. The highly appraised product quality and strong presence in Europe formed a strong foundation for the recent acquisition. And now by utilizing MBO’s operations, Komori is able to deliver and support market-unique products making an establishment in the world of post-press solutions. The expertise of MBO Postpress Solutions creates new opportunities to compliment Komori’s offset and digital presses.
Komori’s Marketing Manager Peter Minis: “We’re excited about new synergies, in terms of solutions and true customer relations. There are unique options in the area of networking/IoT. MBO has successful launched Datamanager onto the market several years ago. The Datamanager is a software package for data analysis and order planning in the post-press area where KP-Connect is the equivalent for the Komori press performances. Linking those systems will offer huge advantages and create value for customers equipped with the two brands.”
Combining platforms, Komori and MBO Postpress Solutions increase visibility throughout the pressroom for both commercial and packaging printers. In addition to the development of tailored solutions, the communal promotion activities have been increased as well.
MBO Postpress Solutions Head of Marketing Katja Haug: “The starting point of our customers journey has changed. With the combination of Komori and MBO products, we’re able to support the full production process from print to post-press and visa versa”.
Komori listens carefully to the views of customers to provide the finest services by viewing print from the user’s perspective. With a shared vison to reduce labour intensive activities, the new MBO CoBo-Stack will play a prominent role. The MBO CoBo-Stack is a collaborative robot which needs no protective cage. Stacks of folded signatures, are transported from the delivery of the folder to the collection area of the CoBo-Stack. The CoBo-Stack picks up the stacks from the collection area and places them in a proper pattern on a pallet. This reduces the physical demands on the operator. The offering of these products and additional technologies are expanding to meet current demands, advancing Komori’s transformative business structure.
MBO France S.A.S. and Komori France S.A.S. are working close together as well. Sharing  a common managing director is strengthening the ambition for the French Market. Komori France Managing Director Guillaume GAUGER; “I’m delighted with this intensified local collaboration, allowing us to provide tailored solutions towards our customers”. Komori is continuing their pursuit of broadening the potential of printing for a future rich in printed communications. The addition of MBO as a technological leader in the field of finishing processes will only accelerate this process.
MBO Postpress Solutions will demonstrate its latest innovations during a virtual event. Between 24 and 27 November there are possibilities to book individual live demonstrations and visit a virtual booth for exclusive background information such as animations, videos and graphics. Visit http://www.postpressalliance.com to register.
Press contact
If you need more information or files (such as logos, high-resolution images, additional text) or would like to request an interview, please contact Mrs Katja Haug (Head of Marketing) on + 49 (0) 719146-380 or by email at katja.haug@mbo-pps.com.