Legacy Machine Information

During your search of the MBO America website you may notice that our product mix for the future might not include some of the legacy machine models that you have previously associated with MBO.  We are producing a new line up of folding machines to help our customers be competitive in our ever changing industry.  It has been simplified and consolidated, to work on a common controls platform, which is essential to a good business model.  The current MBO commercial folding machine portfolio consists of the machines on our Solutions pages and Machine pages and include:

  1. K8, K80 and K70 Series of Combination Folders
  2. T50, T800.1, T960, T1120 and T1420 Series of Buckle Folders
  3. DFT Series of Buckle Folders for web finishing lines
  4. M7, M8 and KL Series of specialty folders from H+H

MBO America supports its legacy folding machines through our parts and service departments.  Some of the models include designations below but others may exist.

  1. B18, B118, B20, B21, B23, B26, B32
  2. T460, T49, T535, T765
  3. K530, K800
  4. M80

To find parts for legacy equipment please contact our parts hotline at 1-800-336-1164, partsorders@mboamerica.com.  We also have an online webstore for parts at https://shop.mboamerica.com/.

To find service and support for legacy equipment please contact our service hotline at 800-626-8810, service@mboamerica.com.