Performance Maintenance

What is a Performance Maintenance Plan?

At MBO, we know that one of the worst-case-scenarios facing any printer or finishing specialist is unscheduled downtime. With an MBO Performance Maintenance Plan, printers and finishers have one more safeguard against just such a scenario. Because of the wide range of MBO finishing modules on the market, each Performance Maintenance Plan is tailor-made to fit the needs of your specific equipment – this means that you only get what you need and none of what you don’t. All past and current MBO, Herzog+Heymann, and Bograma finishing modules are eligible for an MBO Performance Maintenance Plan which provides the following:

  • Bi-Annual or Quarterly scheduled machine service pre-determined by the customer and MBO on a 2-5 year contractual basis
  • General Inspection from a Factory Certified MBO Service Technician
  • 20% discount on all parts ordered during a Performance Maintenance visit*
    • *Tri-Creasers, Spiral Fold Rollers, and Rebuild Kits are not eligible for discount

A wide range of additional services are available and vary greatly depending upon the equipment under a Performance Maintenance Plan. Some common services include:

  • Clean/change filters
  • Inspection of safety covers and safety switches
  • Inspection and cleaning of fold rollers
  • Fold roller calibration (Automated machines)
  • Clean, lubricate, and adjust chains
  • Inspect roller hangers, springs, bearings, and belts
  • Drive, wheel, and belt adjustments
  • Fold plate component inspection (mechanical movements, square, skew, and depth stops)

Ask our service manager for more information: