Roll Fed Direct Mail & Letter Fold Production

The Roll Red Direct Mail and Letter Fold System from MBO America is an efficient, high speed roll-to-folded product finishing line, designed to have a simple set up and high production rate up to 824 fpm.  Since the sheeter can cut from 5” long to 48” long, take a chip-out, and feed a buckle folder with 6 buckle plates, a wide range of folded products can be produced.  The folded product can be delivered as a 1 up, 2-up, 3-up, or 4-up final folded product.  Tooling is flexible and easy to change.  The Direct Mail and Letter Fold System is generally used for direct mail, letters, newsletters, general commercial, brochures, half folds, 3 panel folds and 4 panel folds.  Click here for more info

General Specifications “At-A-Glance”

  • Roll Diameter Maximum:       1320mm (52”)
  • Web Width Minimum:            150mm  (6”)
  • Web Width Maximum:            520mm (20.5), 572mm (22.5″), 762mm (30″)
  • Web Speed Maximum:            250m/m (824fpm)
  • Paper Stock Minimum:           40 gsm
  • Paper Stock Maximum:          250 gsm
  • Smallest Fold Length:            60mm  (2.4”)
  • Max Folded Width:                 Up to web width
  • Max Number of Folds:           6 Buckles in main parallel unit
  • Max Stacks Across:               3 Up or 4 up dependent upon web width


  • MBO UW 52 Unwinder
  • MBO PFS Web-Based Plowfold System
  • MBO SPM Split and Merge Unit
  • MBO SVC High Speed Sheeter
  • MBO DFT DIGI-Folder FW I
  • MBO ASP  high capacity delivery with marking device
  • Optional Palamides delta automatic delivery
  • Optional MBO DPS 60 Dynamic Perf & Score Unit (up to 22.5″ web width only)

Technical Specifications

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