Inserts and Outserts

Insert and Outsert Production

The H+H Insert/Outsert Folding System from MBO America is focused on the manufacturing of miniature folded  Inserts and Outserts that are specific to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical, clinical trial, cosmetic, chemical, and related industries. The common feature of the product is that it is a large sheet folded down to a small size to fit either inside (Inserts) or as an attachment to the outer faces (Outserts) of various cartons or bottles for the consumer. The printed sheet is usually made from a lighter stock (27# to 40# Pharma Offset) than seen in commercial printing which facilitates a smaller, lighter final product. Final fold size requirements can range down to 1.12” x 1.12”. Outsert type products usually use an adhesive closure method, or a tab closure method.  MBO America offers pharma insert and outsert production systems to produce products ranging from 12 to 350 panels.  The M7 and M8 Folder families, along with modular knives and pressing units, come together to produce these highly specialized systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 24 plates in parallel folding units for high panel counts
  • Pile or Continuous feeders
  • Scanner and camera verification
  • Glue or label closure
  • XP250.1 parallel knife unit for thick parallel folding
  • PP300 belt pressing unit module for tight compression
  • Standard 177.1 or 180 vertical deliveries for spine up or spine down delivery
  • Fully automated SmartPack 100 tray packer delivery available

Technical Specifications

Sample Folder Layout
Miniature Folding: 304 Panel Outsert, Drupa 2012
2-Up Outsert Production reduces makeready & guillotine cutting, and increases fold rate to 9300pph!
H+H SmartPACK 100 Automatic Tray Packing System for Pharma Inserts & Outserts

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