PI Work and Miniature Folds

KL112.1 Miniature Folding Machine

The KL112.1 is designed for the production of miniature products, PI’s, pharma products, informational inserts and specialty products all generally made using thin papers. Because of the small, 26mm fold roller diameter, it can produce fold lengths as small as 18 mm. The KL112.1 can also be designed with a high number of folding plates, up to 16 per unit, allowing large sheets to be folded down to small sizes.  The machine has a modular design and can be used with many other common miniature folding modules like the XP250.1 Knife, PP300 Pressing Unit, HHS Glue Systems, Herma Labelers and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Working width of 35, 45 and 52 cm
  • 2-16 fold plates
  • minimal folding length of 18 mm
  • Folding roller diameter 26 mm
  • Continuous Stream Suction-/Flat pile-/Round pile feeder (mobile or fixed)
  • Optional Ultra small format device (5×8 cm) for F 465
  • Optional gate fold pocket

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