SVC 775 C Sheeter

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     The SVC 775 C is part of our state-of-the-art high speed rotary sheeter line. This electronically driven sheeter is engineered to provide high quality precision cuts for a broad range of width demands. The SVC line also features a convenient touchscreen which allows the operator to set changes in the format without making adjustments to the mechanical components. This sheeter is designed with easy access to all areas.


      Standard Features

      Touchscreen user interface

      Digital throughput counter

      VSN kit: chip-out remover

      Memory for hundreds of job formats

      In-line and off-line compatible

      Integrated unit converter (inches/mm)

      3 LCUM knives for edge trim and center trim

      Window function

      Infeed with or without web tension

      Up to 80″ format length

      Optional Features

      IFF interface for folding unit

      IFD interface for digital printing press

      Print mark reader for top and bottom

      Quick change, durable long life knives

      Infeed independent of web tension

      Compatibility kit for EM 770

      Additional LCUM longitudinal cutting units

      Gutter cut device