T 960 Perfection (B 38S)

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T 960 Buckle Folder




  • Tailor-made folding solution
    All models of the Perfection series are designed for highest possible folding performance and maximum output. MBO folding machines and features are orientated for the users – both regarding practical requirements and the variety of the paper medium. The simpler the processes and workflows, the more efficient the production. With their high performance and excellent quality, the T 700, T 800 and T 960 Perfection provide the ideal solutions for achieving the highest productivity. A broad range of folding types and individual options for full automation guarantee that the Perfection models live up to their names. The features of our folding machines have been specifically designed for the purpose of their application.


    Excellent folding quality even for very high outputs

    Double stream production for higher output

    Full automation option and option to automate individual functional groups

    Maximum variety of folding types for flexible application

    Highest operator convenience thanks to unique MBO features

  • Standard Features

    MC Control

    DUALFEED continuous feeder R 800

    VIVAS vacuum infeed system


    Anti-static lattice alignment table

    Four fold plates with swing deflectors

    Through sheet stops in fold plate 1 and 2

    Low maintenance, silent belt drive

    Spiral fold rollers

    Quick exchange slitter shaft cassette for FW I

    Scoring, perforating and cutting devices

    Transfer table

    Optional Features

    Touchscreen control


    Double VIVAS

    RAPIDSET automation

    Ultrasonic double sheet control

    VIROTEC fold rollers

    Sheet ejection device

    Pre-slitter shaft

    Slitter shaft cassette for FW II

    Sheet return device RFE for FW III

    Additional fold plates (max 6)

    WINPLATE Gatefold plates

    COMBIPLATE combination fold plates

    Noise reducing hoods

    Glue application system

    Punch perforation device

    Double stream device

    Centerbleed device

    Edgetrim device

    Special trim device

    Multi-perforation device

    Various feeders

    Various deliveries

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