Z Series Knife Folders

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  •   Z Series Knife Folder

    The Z Series knife folder from MBO America can be integrated into any cut-sheet finishing solution.  The Z2 knife is unique in that it features a 180 degree pivoting knife table which allows it to be configured for an upward or a downward fold depending upon the job requirement at hand.   All Z Series knife folders feature independent self-control, making it easy to use in a wide range of applications including lines with older machines or machines from other suppliers.

    Compact construction for optimal use of space

     Low marking risk for sensitive, freshly printed sheets

     Flexible application thanks to the independent self-control and adjustable height


  •  Features and Benefits

      Independent self-control for easy integration into cut-sheet finishing lines

      Non-marking belt conveyor system insures a quality product

      Adjustable height for configuration behind a variety of different modules

      Pivoting knife section for upward or downward folding and left or right sheet delivery (Z2 only)