Baesman installs MBO Rollfed Digital Finishing Line to handle growing direct mail business

Marlton, NJ, January 10, 2024

MBO America, a leader in advanced post-press finishing equipment, announces that Baesman Group, a full-service printing operation in Hilliard, Ohio, has made a significant investment in a second MBO Rollfed Digital Finishing Line. Baesman’s direct mail business is growing rapidly and the new finishing line will efficiently process their increased volume and reduce operating costs.

“Since 2019, our direct mail volume has increased 40% with a significant shift to letter packs. Last year we processed 82 million pieces of mail,” said Andrew Dawson, Vice President, Print Operations. The greater volume is due in part to the installation over two years ago of a Screen TruePress 520 HD inkjet web press that produces fully variable print in high-definition color.

Growing demand means the company is adding a third shift to the press. “We fully expect the demand for personalization in our direct mail programs to increase, because the majority of today’s consumers say they are more likely to respond to direct mail if it’s personalized. In fact, 76% of today’s consumers expect personalized messages and response rates average much higher in direct mail than they do in digital channels, which is likely a result of overwhelming digital fatigue,” said Rachel Iannarino, Vice President, Marketing and Client Experience.

As volumes grew, so did the mix of work, which requires different finishing modules in multiple configurations to be able to produce. “We go from postcards to letters, back to self-mailers, and we’re also gluing inline. The modular design of MBO’s finishing systems gives us the flexibility we need to provide unique work for each client.”

To manage the greater volume, Baesman purchased a second high-productivity MBO Rollfed Digital Finishing Line that includes the UW 23 unwinder, the SVC 525 sheeter, the DFW 780 folder, and the ASP 66 L shingle stream delivery.

MBO America offers a modular approach to finishing with a wide range of world-class options. Finishing lines can be customized with specific modules to meet the requirements of any printing operation.

This is the second line MBO Rollfed Digital Finishing Line for Baesman. The first line, which included a DPS 60 dynamic perf and score unit, was purchased in 2021 and is now operating at capacity. Since installation, Baesman has eliminated a significant number of touchpoints from its direct mail production process.

“Before changing to a white paper digital work environment with our new Screen inkjet press, we were using a litho shell workflow. This meant we were taking litho shells to the bindery, sizing them down on a guillotine cutter, imprinting them in an offline process, then back to folding, and finally inserting in the lettershop. We were touching them 4-5 times before shipment. Now all variable work from the web press prints roll-to-roll for the best press efficiency possible, then straight to the rollfed finishing line. Folded letter pieces go straight to the inserter, finished postcards and self-mailers go straight to the mail stream, and our touches are minimized,” said Dawson.

The improved efficiencies added up to 40% to 50% fewer hours to get a job done and a 25% reduction in turnaround time. With the second line, Dawson expects a further 10% to 15% increase in efficiencies. To channel work even more efficiently, the new line will be set up for letter work and the original line will be dedicated to postcards and self-mailers.  “Now that we have increased our output needs, we have been able to channel like work to specific lines.  One line can be set up and favor the modules used for letterfolds and similar inserted products, the other line will favor the modules used for post cards and self-mailer style products, further increasing our efficiency,” said Dawson.

Baesman also reports that the operating methods and controls used on the new equipment is making it easier to find labor and staff. It’s much easier to train new operators on a digital line with touchscreen activation controls than on older manual devices, eliminating some of the strain of labor shortages.  

“Baesman is a diverse and forward-thinking shop. Its digital direct mail operation is charting a profitable new path for the company, and we’re pleased to be part of this journey with them,” said Lance Martin, Vice President of Marketing, MBO America. “Baesman is a perfect example of a company designing their new direct mail workflow to touch it once to print and once to finish, reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.”

About Baesman

Founded in 1952, Baesman is a family run company currently under the direction of the third generation of leaders. A full-service printing company, Baesman also excels at helping clients build more profitable relationships with their customers through personalized printing and marketing solutions. The company’s expertise includes data analysis, maximing customers’ lifetime value, and executing multichannel marketing services. Printing operations focus on direct mail and POP signage and the company also operates a 100,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center. Its North American client base includes companies in retail, healthcare, financial and other segments in the U.S. and Canada.

About MBO

MBO America is a leader in post-press finishing in the North American Market. Located in Marlton, NJ, it offers a broad portfolio of world-class, high-performance finishing solutions for offset, cutsheet and rollfed digital, hybrid and pharmaceutical production segments. It has also taken on the model of a systems integrator, providing one-step production systems for commercial folding, diecutting, rollfed web finishing and specialty product systems in the direct mail market. MBO gives printers an edge with next-generation achievements. Established in 1984, it now operates under the umbrella of its parent company, Komori Corporation.


Lance Martin
Vice President Marketing
Komori America & MBO America
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