How Modular Finishing Technology Can Help Streamline Postpress

For a long time, postpress was regarded as a task without much potential for evolution, and the performance of postpress equipment reflected that somewhat cynical view. But print markets have shifted dramatically in recent years, obliging makers and users of postpress systems to think about post-print processing in correspondingly new ways. This has given rise to a modular approach to finishing, leading to solutions that can expand or adapt as the user’s business grows or as job requirements change.

Presenting the advantages of Modular Finishing Technology is the subject of this white paper. It highlights the innovative, adaptive, and scalable finishing systems that are required to keep up with the production demands of the digital print revolution. Included are the stories of several printing companies that have gained major new efficiencies by embracing postpress as it can be — and should be — practiced today.

Flexible postpress systems are two to three times more efficient than the conventional postpress systems they replace.


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