From Three Shifts to Two with the MBO CoBo-Stack

Johannes Sandler is a realist. The Corona crisis will be with us for a while yet, that much the Managing Director of Austrian printing firm Johann Sandler GesmbH & Co KG based in Marbach an der Donau is sure of. Another year, he estimates. Then…yes, then things can get going again.  And until then? Until then we just carry on. Sticking his head in the sand is certainly not Sandler’s style. Over the past few months, the printing company with its 70 permanent employees has put together an investment package of over thirteen million euros. Among other things, investments were made into sustainability: The fleet was partially replaced with nine electric vehicles, and the required fast charging stations (up to 150 kW) will in future be supplied with electricity from their in-house photovoltaic system. A further focus was production technology. Two new presses were on the cards. And very importantly: massive investments were made in print finishing…..


“The two new folding machines and the two CoBo-Stacks have provided a tremendous upshift in productivity ……………..”

Hannes Sandler – Managing Director of Johann Sandler GesnbH & Co KG