701 Shingled Stream Delivery

Simple and affordable the 701 is a belted shingle style delivery with very few moving parts so it is quick setup.  Products are in a uniform shingled stream/streams for easy handling. To create batches, the unit will speed up its belts at designated counts in order to create a gap in the stream.  This delivery is used primarily for specialty lines producing pharma or diecut products but is versatile enough to be used nearly anywhere in the facility.

 Standard Features:

  •   2-up production
  •   Independent motor drive
  •   45″ delivery table length
  •   Adjustable height
  •   Adjustable castors with brakes
  •   Efficient batch capability

 Optional Features:

  •  Delivery table extensions for longer dwell time and accumulation
  •  Upper level drive belts for additional sheet control
  •  Kits for additional streams

Technical Specifications