820 Transfer Table


The 820 is a self-driven transfer unit that is attached at the exit of folders and cutters to securely feed the product to the infeed of the next module. Frequently used to speed up the product and create a gap in the stream for a right angel turn.  The unit is designed with a top and bottom belt system to provide good grip and control of the product.  This unit has 2 similar designs to fit a multitude of applications.  The standard 820 is designed with flat belts on the top and the bottom and affords a straight through pathway.  The 820.1 uses round belts and gains the ability to spread products when finishing in multiple streams.


  •   Top and bottom belt transfer for maximum product control
  •   Independent and self-driven electronic speed control
  •   Adjustable pitch allows for raising or lowering the stream to better enter the next module

Technical Specifications

820 Sales Sheet