The A56 Delivery is a basic mobile stream delivery. Finished product is fed onto the infeed where the large diameter knock down wheels create a shingled stream. As the stream moves from right to left, the stream begins to pile on the output table through use of angled backstops. This makes the stream easy for an operator to remove product from the table and stack onto skids or carts. Its space saving design makes it ideal for small print runs and tight manufacturing environments. The delivery unit is designed with a non-marking conveyor belt system. With its independent self-control, the A Series can be used with a wide variety of finishing systems. Flexibility, compact design and high functionality.

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated batch marking device to stagger completed batch counts
  • Robust components capable of withstanding a 24/7 commercial print environment
  • Integral, independent self-driven module
  • Non-marking belt conveyor system
  • Adjustable height and pitch to match to a wide range of finishing equipment
  • Working Width Max. 56.00cm, 22”
  • Infeed Height Min. 40.00cm, 15.8”
  • Infeed Height Max. 95.00cm, 37.4”
  • Loading Height Min. 50.00cm, 19.6”
  • Loading Height Max. 90.00cm, 35.4”

Technical Specifications