A80 Automatic Signature Stacking Delivery

The main focus of the A80 is on the production and processing speed of folding machines in a networked environment. The innovative control system allows universal operation from feeder thru delivery. This consistent control and operating philosophy, ensures that the folder and delivery can be controlled at each individual machine display. For example, the folding machine can be operated from the delivery and vice versa. Furthermore, the A80 can be installed behind manual or automatic folding machines, and can be behind all MBO or other brand folders.


  • Seamlessly connect to all of MBO’s advanced software, including Datamanager 4.0 and RAS Remote Access Service
  • Integrate to the new “Autopilot” feature on MBO folding machines
  • Controls networking to MBO systems
  • Both single-sheet and in shingle stream mode stacking
  • Mark free processing of sensitive or freshly printed products
  • Jogger devices ensure high quality stacks
  • Ergonomically convenient delivery table
  • Intelligent automation for quick and simple set up

Technical Specifications