CC 23 Contour Cutting Module

MBO’s New CC 23 Contour Cutting Unit adds the ability to enhance the finished product with a wide variety of shape cuts, window knock outs, coupon perforations, and attention-grabbing contours. The module uses magnetic flexible plate dies and incorporates an easy method to change repeats. Repeat lengths can vary widely from the common 11” US letter sizes up through longer pieces that can be used for direct mail and advertising. The CC 23 is an additional module available for MBO’s modular finishing system, enabling additional embellishment to the final product for enhanced conversion rates.

Why Add Contour Cutting?

  • Shapes add value to the tactile feel and visual appeal of the final product
  • Custom perforation patterns engage the reader beyond words
  • Coupons and tear outs provide additional life to the advertising piece

Common Applications:

  • Window view for self-mailer
  • Custom shaped coupons and tear offs
  • Game windows
  • Contour edge patterns on finished product

Technical Specifications