K8RS Combi Buckle/Knife Folder


The K8RS combi-folder from MBO is capable of production speeds up to 275 m/min, making it the world’s fastest folding machine; a common 25″ x 38″ USA sheet would fold up to 16,655 sph!  This represents a 20 percent increase in production output over the standard K8 Perfection.  Along with the advanced drive system, the Vaculift infeed system was re-engineered for increased performance, and an intelligent sheet control monitoring system added, to ensure that the paper is always under control at high speeds.  Like all K8 series machines, the K8RS is feature rich with enhancements to help the machine run fast, stay running longer, and help the operator clear paper after the inevitable jam.  With a full buckle plate section in the parallel unit and crossfold variations of the S-KTL and S-KTZ, fold patterns can match nearly any requirement.  To achieve its high ROI, the machine tackles all 4 channels of production operation:  1. Fast Makeready,  2. High Speed,  3. High Uptime,  4. Low Labor requirement.  The ROI impacts  the press room also being able to maximize their press usage, and in the bindery being able to plan for product sooner.  Jobs can come in and out of the door faster than ever before.  With 17,000+ sph max speed this folder closes the gap on the press to folder ratio more than ever before to approximately 1:1.


  • The worlds fastest folder with 275 m/m (10,826 ipm) surface speed
  • Maximum configuration options for a combi folder
  • “Z” configuration option in the last crossfold to make standard USA U-U-D signature folds
  • Only available with pallet style feeding to permit the operator to keep up with the machine speed

  Standard Features and Benefits:

  • MBO’s advanced M1 control system and graphic HMI for ease of use
  • FP800/120 palletized feeder with Vaculift RS feeder head for superior paper feed control and high cycle rates
  • Extended pallet stack height to 120cm (47.2″) for additional paper supply for continuous run time
  • Vivas (Double-Vacubelt and Vacutable) for constant sheet pull and best registration
  • Ultrasonic double sheet control in the feeder/ alignment table for additional machine security
  • Virotec fold rollers for the ultimate paper grip at the lightest pressure possible
  • Slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold for fast makeready and kit style tooling changes
  • Wide open knife folding area access at the crossfold for operator access at a moments notice
  • Ejection device at the head stop of the first cross fold for bad sheets to avoid nuisance and time consuming shutdowns and achieving more uptime
  • Retractable knife folding area at the third fold knife area for fast, full operator access
  • 4 or 6 NIRO style non-corroding buckle plates in the parallel fold unit, first fold
  • SKTL, SKTLT, SKTZ knife fold configurations for customized performance

Optional Features and Benefits:

  • Cameras for detection of blank sheets and/or faulty sheets at the infeed with ejection gate for non-stop production
  • Pre-slitter shaft at entrance to parallel fold buckle plates for additional tooling like scores and perfs
  • MBO Combi-Plate II that combines the sheet stop with the deflector bar which eliminates the need to remove the plate at makeready
  • Gatefold plate in the parallel unit for enhanced folding capability for two fold and three fold gates
  • DATAMANAGER 4.0 connection to the K8 RS for data gathering and machine preset data
  • M1 controls advanced automation of buckle plates, fold rollers, and knife unit components
  • Ultrasonic double sheet control for additional protection of misfeeds or doubles
  • Edge trim,  center bleed trim, score tooling and perforation tooling
  • The K8RS can interface to many automated deliveries, and even robots, to allow the high running speeds without operator fatigue

Technical Specifications

MBO K8RS - The World's Fastest Folder (16pg signatures at 17,700 sheets/hour)