Mitra 800 Sheet Stacking Delivery

The mitra800 is a highly flexible single sheet delivery, that can be operated after a large variety of production machines. Such as digital press, flexographic printing press with integrated rotary die cutter, rotary die cutter, or other cut-sheet applications. The modular structure of the machine allows to configure the machine to the need of either slow-speed-, high-speed-, multiple up productions and the production of shaped products. The machine takes the single sheets from the preceding production machine, counts and piles them into stacks. Meanwhile the piles will be jogged precisely. When the preselected number of pieces has arrived, the mitra seperates the product stream and moves the counted piles in running direction on a buffer belt. The piles can be easily removed from the buffer belt for packing. The end of the buffer belt can be used as an interface to subsequent process steps.


  • Infeed unit for single sheets with six round belts top and bottom and fine adjustment
  • Shingling device
  • Equipment for 2-up production
  • Standard speed up to 15.000 pcs./h
  • Normal format Infeed length = 5.71″ – 11.81″, Infeed width 5.71″ – 31.5″
  • Infeed height 29.53″ – 37.40″
  • Output height 29.53″
  • Unique separation device
  • Side and back jogging
  • Pile height 0.39″ – 5.91″
  • Speed 350 cycles/min., 787.40″/min., 8 070.87″/min.

Technical Specifications

Introduction to the Palamides Mitra 800