SPM Split and Merge Unit


The MBO SPM split and merge unit is a web finishing module placed prior to a sheeter that can slit the web into 2 ribbons and realign the ribbons over the top of each other. This allows 2 thicknesses of paper to be sent into the sheeter to make products such as 4 page letters and more. The module has its own drive system to pull the web from upstream units and maintain register control. There is a wide range of slitting and realignment capabilities making the SPM a versatile addition to a web finishing line. The basic model comes with a longitudinal knife to trim away any unwanted edges and there is an upgrade available to incorporate a gutter cut blade for center cut applications.   As with all MBO web finishing modules, the SPM Split and Merge Module can be  integrated for inline or near-line finishing solutions.

Standard Features:

  • Fixed angle bar on the bottom and traveling angle bar on the top to allow registration of each ribbon to each other
  • Capable of many list width patterns such as 1/3 – 2/3, 1/2 – 1/2 and overlap alignments
  • Driven roller front of bars with air actuated nip trolleys for precise gain control
  • Hardened tooling roller to allow for cutting wheel applications
  • Integrated LP air blower to float the web over the angle bars
  • Multiple knife and nip trolley positions on the infeed assembly can be added for edge trim or center trim
  • Robust components capable of withstanding a 24/7 commercial print environment and maximizing machine up-time
  • Easy access calibration points for faster make-ready times
  • Independent servo control drive to be universally used in nearly any position in the finishing line
  • Bypass roller path to web around the unit when not needed for specific jobs

Optional Features:

  • Gutter cut knife
  • Modification for additional webs
  • Compatibility kit for laser printers
  • Spare parts kits

Technical Specifications