SVC 525 C Sheeter (20.5")

The SVC 525 C sheeter is the heart of the web finishing line from MBO. This servo driven sheeter is engineered to provide high quality precision cuts for a broad range of products at high speeds. Operator set up and interaction is done through a convenient touchscreen control panel. Cut length, mark scanning offset, chipout settings and other functions are programmable allowing for fast, tool-less setup. As with all MBO products, the SVC 525 C’s robust components are built to withstand continuous use in a 24/7 commercial print environment. The SVC sheeter is a modular component and can accept a web from many upstream devices, and deliver sheets to a wide range of modular downstream components.

 Features and Benefits:

  • Tight web, continuous driven roller path at infeed for superior web control
  • Easy to use, touch screen user interface panel on operator side
  • Large variable cutoff length range 4″-80″, for a wide range of final products
  • Memory for hundreds of jobs for recall makeready of repeat business
  • Integrated unit converter (inches/mm)
  • Infeed web assembly with driven rollers and shafts to guide the web into the sheeter
  • Infeed edge trim shafts with ejection tubes facing downward to be connected to the Customer’s waste evacuation system
  • Highly accurate, closed loop circumferential register control, +/- 0.010”
  • Register scanner assembly mounted on the infeed using a print mark on the web to keep the cuts accurately registered to the print
  • Window view function to read a print to cut register mark within a busy print area
  • Dual cylinder cutting design allows sheeting with, or without, a chip-out at the push of a button
  • Programmable chip out settings using the touchscreen HMI, allows removal of spit bars, print marks or bleeds
  • Waste chip evacuation chute conveniently located on drive side of sheeter for connection to customer supplied vacuum system
  • Top and bottom, belt driven exit assembly to pull the cut sheets away from the sheeting cylinders and speed up the sheet to create a gap after the cut
  • Swing down capability on exit assembly allows for ejection of sheets during start up and open access to clear jams quickly
  • Air supported paper flow to achieve controlled sheet transport
  • Quick change, durable, long life, square sheeting knives
  • Register mark detection capable from top or bottom side of web
  • Transformer 208V to 400V Transformer included for USA power requirements
  • Built in control interface connection to downstream modules

Technical Specifications