T 960 Perfection Buckle Folder


The T960 buckle folding machine is designed wider to allow production of large form sheets from the press up to (37.75″x 57″) or as a landscape folder for standard sheet sizes such as (23″ x 35″).  Landscape folding has become highly considered as a way to increase productivity simply by changing fold impositions.  When the sheet direction in the folder is changed from portrait to landscape, the productivity can increase as much as 30%.  Common sizes in the USA such as 23x x35 can easily make this change and realize a maximum fold speed jump for a standard 16 pager to over 23,000 sph.  Pallet feeders and automated delivery options for the T960 allow the productivity increase without additional labor.  The new M1 control system on the T960 has a very significant impact.  The simple user interface, menu driven function set, and logical touchscreen input make setup times as short as possible.  The combination of speed, features and controls all make the T960 capable of replacing older vintage folders in high ratios saving money and time, reducing labor, and reducing maintenance costs.


  • High productivity and high folding quality for large and small sheet sizes alike
  • Easy to learn M1 controls platform ensures a great labor pool for the future
  • Configuration flexibility allowing perfect fit to the application
  • Robust design for low maintenance costs and high machine uptime

 Standard Features and Benefits:

  • M1 advanced control system with easy to learn HMI and menu system
  • Manual or automated control of the buckle plates and fold roller settings to fit the application
  • Standard FP1020/110 palletized feeder to eliminate handling of heavy oversized sheets
  • Slitter shaft cassette in units 1 and 2 for fast tooling changes
  • Virotec fold rollers for best fold quality
  • Up to 6 buckle plates in unit I and II for flexibility
  • Interface to multiple deliveries and other MBO modules to customize the application for the best ROI
  • Low maintenance and noise-free belt drive
  • Transfer table after first fold section to add control to the product into unit II

Optional Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple fold roller surfaces for best performance with specific stocks and print
  • Pre-slitter shaft available for additional perf and score capability
  • Transfer tables with ejection capability for bad product detection
  • Alternating deflector for increased folding speed on wide products
  • Two lane guide systems for increased productivity when 2 up folding
  • Slitter shaft tooling assembly kits for presetting scores, perfs and slits and fast makeready
  • MBO Sheet Return Device, RFE, to move the delivery of the folder back towards the feeder for less labor
  • Connectivity interfaces to DATAMANAGER 4.0 and Remote Access System (RAS) for production efficiency and presets
  •  Gatefold plates for additional fold pattern to meet customer needs
  • Noise reducing hoods for an improved working environment

Technical Specifications

T 960 Brochure
T960 with Alternating Deflector-Ultra High Speed Landscape Fold

MBO T960, HS 2-up landscape with RFE return device and Auto Delivery

For  additional videos please visit the MBO America YouTube Channel