XP 250.1 Parallel Knife Folder


The XP 250.1 is a knife folding unit specifically designed for miniature folding, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. The unit commonly goes in line with feeders, buckle folders and pressing units to make, multi-panel inserts and outserts.  The knife unit also is commonly used to apply glue closure to inserts and outserts.  Through its adjustable design, it can mate up to nearly any upstream folding unit and deliver the product straight through to the downstream units.  The open design and simple process path makes this knife unit stand out amongst the competition.  The unit is mobile and flexible and can be used in series with multiple units for high panel count RTA’s.  H&H has designed this unit to be durable and take the aggressive production processes of the pharma industry.


  • Most commonly used after the last buckle fold for thick products
  • Active product alignment paddles, square and align the product to the knife for accurate folds
  • Includes HH sheet running control and jam detection control
  • Includes a movable cross bar to mount and align the gluing heads to the product
  • Convenient mounting plate on the rear of the unit to mount the glue tank
  • Designed with electrically actuated height adjustment for easy integration to any existing equipment
  • Standard MBO 24-pin plug connection with independent drive included (other connections are optional)
  • Includes 5 knives: (3) smooth face (30-50-80 mm wide) (2) saw-tooth face (30-50 mmm wide)
  • Non-marking belt conveyor system ensures a quality product
  • Xp250.1 unit for applications WITH glue detection, bad product ejection gate included
  • Xp250.1 ECO unit for applications WITHOUT glue detection or bad product ejection gate

Technical Specifications

MBO Pharma Insert Sample with Glue Closure on the KL112.1