Z2 Series Knife Folder

The MBO Z Series knife folder is our most flexible portable knife folding module. This knife unit can provide an additional fold to nearly any process.  Common uses include mailing lines, mail folds on stitchers, additional fold for large form folders, and offline applications.  The Z2 has a unique ability to fold up or fold down to get the imposition and exit position needed for the finishing line.  The Z knife is easy to use with a wide range new and legacy MBO folders, third party folders, stitchers, mail tables and inserters.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact design and mobile to use throughout the facility
  • Pivoting knife section for upward or downward fold imposition
  • Low marking risk for sensitive, freshly printed sheets
  • Independent self-control for flexible applications

Technical Specifications

Z2 Knife Demonstrated on MBO Folder