Booklets and Labels

Booklets are a challenge using equipment not specifically made for the challenges of thick, high page count products that usually have tabs to get in the way.  Our systems are made to meet the goals of each customer taking into consideration the maximum number of pages, page jump acceptance, glue patterns, press print sizes, minimum fold lengths, edge trims, gutter trims and delivery requirements.  These systems draw on many of H+H’s specialty components to make sure that glue lines are placed straight, folds match to the perf patterns, tabs are preserved, and trims are kept square.  At the same time the systems are amazingly flexible and scalable.  Our current focus is on makeready reduction and productivity enhancement.  The new features within each module are designed to get jobs on and off the machine quicker and maximize the machine uptime.  Booklets up to 80 pages are possible, with or without tabs and in multiple up layouts.

Booklet System Features and Benefits

  • Diecut tabs and/or running perf lines for each fold made prior to the folding process
  • Continuous feeder or pile feeder available to match production environment
  • Glue System (1 line for 2 wide / 2 lines for 4 wide) with glue detection prior to first fold
  • Gluing from the top to reduce misting and spray issues
  • Up to 16 plate folder is common to roll fold glued booklets
  • Transfer units and rejection gates after process steps remove glue problems, wrong sheets, bad folds, etc.
  • Machine heights are kept at higher, operator friendly levels to reduce injury
  • Spine down delivery to preserve tabs
  • Higher machine throughput compared to legacy machine systems
  • 2 wide or 4 wide panel layouts possible for increased page counts

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