Presentation Folders

Using the BSR Rotary Diecutter

This solution from MBO America allows end users to produce presentation folders inline or nearline. The BSR 550 Servo rotary die cutter is able to cut product without leaving any nicks or holding tabs – this means that the waste matrix can be removed inline at high speeds. Once the waste matrix is removed, the product can be delivered to a shingle table and stacked using the BSR Basic, or using the BSR Servo Full Version, sent  inline to the folder gluer table to finish the job. Because of the short setup times, the MBO presentation folder solution is highly recommended for short – medium length job runs.

 Features and Benefits

  • Cutting, scoring, perforating, embossing, and braille are all doable with the BSR 550 Servo rotary die cutter.
  • The 091 Mailing Table can be equipped to produce as many as 4 functions in sequence
  • Hot melt and cold glue are both available
  • Speed synchronization ensures that speed adjustments made at one unit will be matched by the other units.
  • Cutting without holding nicks in combination with the Automated Waste Removal System eliminates the need for manual production steps to remove waste

This Solution Generally Consists of:

Technical Specifications

BSR550 Servo Full Version Diecutter Brochure
BSR Basic Version Diecutter Brochure