Cut and Stack, Post Card and Sheet Production

The Cut and Stack, Post Card and Sheet Production System from MBO America is an efficient, high speed roll-to-sheet finishing line designed to have a simple set up and high production rate. It will cut the web to the proper sheet length with a chop-cut or a chip-out cut, as needed. The sheet can be cut to any size in a range, from 4.75” long to 14” long, and stacked. Print to cut register control is achieved by a print register mark on the web and the sheeter will register in real time for all cuts. The sheet will then be delivered as a 1 up sheet, or can be split into 2-up, 3-up, or 4-up sheets and then delivered. The system can use single blade slitters between the sheets or gutter trim slitters between the sheets depending upon the type of work. Tooling is flexible and easy to change. The near-line system has a maximum web sheeting speed of 500fpm dependent upon production factors. Generally, for mid-size stack heights of 1.5”-5”and good quality paper, the machine is capable of its maximum web sheeting speeds. Furthermore, the delivery can make stack breaks based on bar codes.  Typical products that fit this system include: cards, post cards, letters, direct mail, flat Sheets, posters, calendars, placemats, newsletters, bulletins and statements.

General Specifications “At-A-Glance”

  • Roll Diameter Maximum:      1320mm (52”)
  • Web Width Minimum:           150mm  (6”)
  • Web Width Maximum:           520mm (20.5), 572mm (22.5″), 762mm (30″)
  • Web Speed Maximum:           250m/m (824fpm)
  • Paper Stock Minimum:          60 gsm
  • Paper Stock Maximum:          250 gsm
  • Smallest Fold Length:            60mm  (2.4”)
  • Widest Single Sheet:               Up to web width
  • Maximum Stacks Across:       2, 3 or 4 up dependent upon web width


  • MBO UW52 Unwinder with Webguide
  • MBO SVC High Speed Sheeter
  • MBO 381 Slitting/Cutting/Perfing Unit
  • Mitra Single Sheet Stacker with Pressing Unit
  • Optional MBO DPS 60 Dynamic Perf & Score Unit (up to 22.5″ web)

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