Self-Mailer and Plow Fold Solution

The Self Mailer and Plow Fold Production System from MBO America is an efficient, high speed roll-to-folded product finishing line designed to have a simple set up and high production rate. The system will cut the web to the proper sheet length using a chop-cut, or chip-out cut, as needed. The sheet can be cut from 5” long to 20” long and sent to the next module for folding. Print to cut register control is achieved by a print register mark on the web and the sheeter will register in real time for all cuts. After sheeting, the line will register, final trim and score the sheet to properly prepare it for plow folding. The scored and trimmed sheet will then transfer to a vacuum driven, multi-station plow table to be folded. Two (2) plows are available for folding to make up to a 3 panel self-mailer.  The self-mailer can be sealed for mailing using the hot melt fugitive glue system provided. Perf, score and slitter tooling is flexible and easy to change. The near-line system has a maximum web sheeting speed of 500 fpm dependent upon factors such as paper quality, operator capability, glue type and environment factors. The system is generally used for self-mailers, fugitive glue, plow folds, heavy stock, direct mail, target marketing ads.  Like all MBO finishing systems, it has the ability to be scaled for other applications in the future.

General Specifications “At-A-Glance”

  • Roll Diameter Maximum:       1320mm (52”)
  • Web Width Minimum:             150mm  (6”)
  • Web Width Maximum:            520mm (20.5), 572mm (22.5″), 762mm (30″)
  • Web Speed Maximum:            250m/m (824fpm)
  • Paper Stock Minimum:           Cover Stocks
  • Paper Stock Maximum:           250 gsm
  • Min Fold Length:                      60mm  (2.4”)
  • Max Folded Product Width:  Up to half web width
  • Max Number of Folds:            2 plows standard


  • MBO UW 52 Unwinder
  • MBO SVC High Speed Sheeter
  • MBO 850-4 Belt Transfer Table
  • MBO 381 Score/Perf/Slit Table
  • MBO 091.1 Vacuum Channel Plow Table
  • HHS Print Finishing Hot Melt Application System
  • MBO ASP High Capacity Delivery with Marking Device
  • Optional MBO DPS 60 Dynamic Perf & Score Unit (up to 22.5″ web width only)

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