Saddle Stitching - Sheet Fed Digital

MBO has teamed up with multiple saddle-stitch vendors to offer the most robust saddle-stitching solutions in the commercial print market. Digital stitchers can be paired with MBO roll fed or cutsheet finishing systems to produce a variety of stitched products, directly from the roll or sheet. The final booklet can contain only digital content, both conventional (from pockets) and digital content and also only conventional content using pockets only. All are available with self-covers or separate covers. With speed ratings up to 14,000 books per hour, selective folding to reduce blank pages, and dynamic perfing for page embellishment, there is no better or more productive solution available than having an MBO rollfed or cutsheet infeed on your digital stitching solution.


  • 13 x 19 nominal feeding
  • 20 x 29 B2 nominal feeding
  • Multiple stitcher solutions
  • Pile fed or continuous fed to match the run length needs
  • Pre-fold inline prior to stitching for increased production rates
  • ROI applicable to existing static work and new digital work

Technical Specifications

Muller Martini Presto II with MBO T535E Pile
Muller Martini Presto II Digital with MBO Feeder and Folder for Digital Cutsheet Workflow