Signature, Brochure and Book Block Production System

The Signature, Brochure and Book Block Production System from MBO America is an efficient, high speed roll-to-folded product finishing line designed to have a simple set up and high production rate.  The printed web is sheeted to final length, with or without chipout from 5” to 49” long as needed.  The sheeter has print to cut register control based on a print mark for highly accurate cut lengths.  Sheets are then registered and folded with the capability to make all common A4 and A5 size signatures such as 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32 page products.  Slitters and other integral tooling allows for further embellishment.  The 2 section fold capability with the MBO sheeter has a very wide range of signature style and even mail size folds. Tooling is flexible and easy to change and very similar to our long proven MBO commercial sheetfed folders.  The near-line system has a maximum web sheeting speed of 824 fpm but is also dependent upon factors such as paper quality, operator capability, environment and other factors.  This signature based system with 2 buckle folders is one of the most versatile production lines for the general commercial printer.

General Specifications “At-A-Glance”

  • Roll Diameter Max:                 1320mm (52”)
  • Web Width Min:                      150mm  (6”)
  • Web Width Max:                      520mm (20.5), 572mm (22.5″), 762mm (30″)
  • Web Speed Max:                      250m/m (824fpm)
  • Paper Stock Min:                    40 gsm
  • Paper Stock Max:                    250 gsm
  • Min Fold Length:                    60mm  (2.4”)
  • Max Folded Width:                 Up to web width
  • Max Parallel Folds:                 6 Buckles in main
  • Max Cross Folds:                    6 buckles in second unit
  • Max Stacks Across:                1 up to 3 up dependent upon web width

Optional Modules

  • MBO DPS 60 Dynamic Perf & Score Unit
  • MBO FS 23/30 Aqueous or UV Web Coating Unit
  • Alpha 500 Plus Book Block Stacker with Gluer

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