Fully Variable Book Block Production

Variable Format | Variable Page Count | Variable Signatures

MBO’s Variable Finishing Technology takes finishing farther than any other solution on the market. With the ability to reconfigure on-the-fly based off of job data from a code, MBO’s Fully Variable Book Block Production Solution gives printers the unprecedented capability to produce different digitally printed books in succession. This means that books of different formats and signatures, such as 6×9 inch 12-page signature and 8 1/2×11 inch 16-page signature, can be printed and finished off of the same roll.

Highlights of the Fully Variable Book Block Production System

  • Variable Cutting can cut different length signatures off the same roll
  • Variable Folding Technology can change fold paths on-the-fly based off of job data as different length signatures approach the folding stage of production.
  • A mark reader at the delivery unit can identify the end of a book, allowing printers to print several jobs on the same roll
  • Stacking and Shingled Stream deliveries are available depending upon delivery requirements

This Solution Is Available in 20″ and 30″ Web Widths and Generally Consists of:

  • UW Series Unwinder
  • SVC Series Digital Sheeter
  • DFT Series Digital Folding Unit
  • Various Deliveries

Technical Specifications

MBO Fully Variable Book Block Finishing Case Study

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