Saddle Stitching-Roll Fed for Digital Web

There is no need to produce your print in sheetfed form then take it to the finishing department on skids.  Printing roll-to-roll is a much more efficient press process and keeping print in order from a roll stock is easier than trying to handle sheets.  Furthermore, roll feed systems take advantage of the variable cutoff to increase production.  Advanced features like variable cutoff and selective folding to reduce blank pages and 600 fpm web speed, keep production costs to a minimum. The ROI calculation also accounts for traditional signature use, as well as the ability to make hybrid booklets and digital booklets on the same stitching line.  As digital printing continues to penetrate deeper into the commercial print market, MBO’s stitching integration will be more valuable than ever. With speed ratings up to 14,000 books per hour, there is no better or more productive solution available.


  • 20″ and 30″ web solutions available
  • A4 and A5 final size configurations available
  • Many 20″, A4 solutions kept in stock for shorter installation lead times
  • Custom pre-folding available for unique projects
  • Multiple choices for stitching solution providers

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