Roll Fed Systems for Miniature Folding

The requirements for the miniature folding market are demanding and constantly changing – which is why MBO’s modular approach to finishing is perfect for this market. The specialty finishing equipment from H+H is 100% compatible with MBO roll-fed finishing modules and allows processing of lightweight paper such as 27# pharma opaque grades. With the vast array of modules available in its portfolio, MBO America can offer miniature fold finishing solutions for anything from simple PI work to highly custom packaging applications.

Advantages of MBO Web Finishing

  • MBO Web Finishing Modules are 100% compatible with H+H Specialty Finishing Modules
  • Modular solutions allow for the addition of new processes or applications – giving printers the freedom to adapt as industry requirements change
  • Job integrity systems like barcode readers or camera inspection systems are readily available
  • Efficiently process lightweight paper stock

 Additional Modules for Specialty Applications

  • Die Cutting
  • Edge Trim, Gully Cut, 3-Knife Trim
  • Camera Inspection Systems
  • Labeling/Tabbing Devices
  • Affixing/Tipping Units

Technical Specifications

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