MBO America & Little Mountain: How Folding Technology Can Reduce Costs & Overcome Labor Shortages

Wesley Gingrich, of Little Mountain Printing, a commercial and publication printing provider discusses his recent investment in MBO’s top-of-the-line K8RS automated combi folding and stacking solution. With the labor shortage of finishing workers increasing, in combination with today’s tighter margins and increased competition, Little Mountain Printing analyzed automated folding system options that could position it for success, now and well into the future.

Their experience using manually adjusted machines, continuous-style feeders and shingle table deliveries, led the management team at Little Mountain Printing to find a new solution that could increase productivity, while requiring less labor. The solution came in the form of a fully automatic, combi folding machine with pallet feeding and automatic stacking, which was a big departure from their existing machine setup.

Wes will discuss Little Mountain Printing’s upgrade journey and compare production rates before and after the finishing equipment installation.

MBO has been around for a long time, and has been the leader in folding.
– Wesley Gingrich, VP and COO – Little Mountain Printing