MBO and Zenger Discuss Reducing Steps and Increasing Productivity with Rotary Diecutting

Join Zenger Group as they discuss their recent upgrades to reduce process steps and increase production.  Zenger has a large volume of CR80 size cards with personalization, originally produced on an offset shell model.  The production had many steps and had a low production rate.  In a world of high volume and fast turn around times, they had to make an investment to improve the service to their customer.  Now the steps are reduced from 5 to 3 with savings coming from labor, consumables, and throughput setting them up for future growth with their customer.

“Zenger’s headquarters is located in Tonawanda, NY and specializes in intelligent mailing.  We have an innovative force in the printing industry for over 25 years – Bob Maurer, Production Systems Manager, Zenger Group”