Delta Series Automated Banding Deliveries


The delta automated delivery is an upgraded delivery unit that bases its ROI on line speed and labor. This delivery wraps a paper band around the folded product stack and pushes the banded bundles out to a large delivery table. The product has great stability and the operator has the time needed to not only run the finishing line but make sure the product gets placed on the skid or cart. Automating the delivery in this fashion reduces the need for an extra delivery person and allows the operator to run the line much faster for higher productivity. The system has automatic format recognition programming, a waste sheet ejection system, and capable of using paper or poly type banding based on customer need.

The delta deliveries come in a few different sizes including delta 502 (20″ wide / 2 up), delta 703 (30″ wide / 3 up) , delta 705 (30″ wide / 5 up) delta 1004 (40″ wide / 4 up)

 Standard Features:

  • Automatic waste sheet ejection
  • Pressing unit with pre-press and main rollers
  • Shingled stream or single sheet operating modes
  • Product stabilizing device for thin products
  • Counter to track progress
  • Electronic impulse welding system (EIS)
  • Jogging device with shape jogger
  • Capable of using paper or plastic banding material
  • Partially automatic set-up for multiple up work
  • stacking level compensation

 Optional Features:

  •   Speed synchronization
  •   Anti-static device
  •   Small package device
  •   Variable stacking level compensator
  •   Air blast device
  •   Barcode recognition
  •   Cardboard feeder

Technical Specifications

Delta Delivery on High Speed K8 folder