SBAP ME Vertical Stacker


The SBAP Series is a line of high-performance vertical stacking delivery systems for signature production. Because the signatures are stacked vertically, this machine has a considerably larger holding capacity than most stream deliveries. All SBAP deliveries come equipped with a pressing station, an integrated marking device, and an independent self-control feature – making them highly compatible across MBO finishing modules in both offset and digital print environments.  The major advantage of the delivery is the slow build rate.  This allows an operator the ability to operate the machine at higher speeds without adding more labor.  The SBAP style machine is a great step to increase overall productivity with an reasonable investment.

Features and Benefits:

  • For use on nearly any type of finishing system; web or sheetfed, offline or near-line
  • Multiple widths available for narrow to wide applications (46/72/82 cm)
  • Integrated pressing station at the infeed for improved signature quality
  • Vertically stacked product delivered along an ergonomic table allows for easy gathering and handling of signatures
  • Integrated Offsetting batch device to stagger completed batch counts based on count
  • Robust components capable of withstanding a 24/7 commercial print environment
  • Fast make ready, precision stacking, and convenient delivery make this machine ideal for signature production and book block finishing systems

Technical Specifications