Wallace Carlson Stakes Claim to the Pharmaceutical Packaging and Literature Market

Like many printing companies navigating the early 2000’s, Wallace Carlson had a successful general commercial business model and grew as planned. As the 2010 decade moved along, it became apparent that there had to be a focus to drive deeper into specific areas and be the best provider possible in those channels. So began the transformation. The goal was to have a more stable and yet diverse base, that was deeply rooted in channels they could master. The ownership group of Ann Turbeville, Brian Turbeville and Charlie Cox at Wallace Carlson, began transforming the general commercial print model of old, to establish them as a deep provider to the packaging, security and Insert, and most recently pharmaceutical packaging verticals. The unique pharma market requires specialty equipment and a long-term commitment. Their Komori printing press line-up was up to the challenge, and their HIPAA qualifications were in place, but finishing and folding the literature was a different story. Folding larger sheets of paper down to small “inserts” and “outserts” required a new process….

“We knew that the old commercial print provider model was not adequate for the future. We had to make ourselves more valuable across newer channels that secured us for times to come…….”

Charlie Cox – Chief Operations Officer at Wallace Carlson Printing






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